Self-portrait Challenge

I was recently inspired by an online self-portrait challenge. It’s hard for me to take pictures of myself–insecurity issues, blah, blah, blah. But I enjoy the opportunity to participate in self-portrait themes challenging me to capture my mood through paint, assemblage, or film…even writing. What I end up with is sometimes flattering, sometimes not at all. A few times, I didn’t even finish. It is a vulnerable process, don’t you think?

But today I found myself in front of the camera. The weather was too good to pass up by staying indoors, so I headed for the hammock. With cloudy, fall skies looming above me–it was a perfect afternoon. My dog was feeling rather playful and she began racing around the yard. I leaned out to “pretend grab” her as she zoomed by a few times. We both loved it, I especially loved seeing my old girl so full of life.  Between my dog’s unusually playful mood and some good hammock time, I was feeling quite happy and energized. I began clicking away. I ended up taking plenty of photos while curled up in the hammock. Enough to pick through and string together a slide show of self-portraits that helped to capture the feeling of a good hammock-y afternoon. Personally for me, it reveals my genuinely happy side, a little of my goofy side. They way I feel with my family…not afraid to be silly, be happy, be loving–and seeing the good in everything 🙂

What is your favorite way to create a self-portrait? When and what was the last self-portrait you created of yourself? What does it reveal about you?

*   *   *

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2 thoughts on “Self-portrait Challenge

  1. So playful and fun….and you look adorable!


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