Poetry Through Soul Collage®: Raven Card



I decided to turn to my Soul Collage® deck for inspiration in writing a poem.. I’m discovering that my cards can be a very inspiring poetry muse when I feel like writing, but nothing is presenting itself to me.

I pulled my Raven card and began with the journaling exercise that is the pulse of the  Soul Collage® process, the “I am one who…” exercise. Below is what my Raven card said to me:

I am one who…is often misunderstood, yet I am most clever and cunning. I am one who is always curious and resourceful. I am one who is not afraid to fly in storms. I am one who makes your heart flutter when I fly close by. I am one who sings my song through the beat of my wings. I am one who is conspicuous—black as night against a bright, sunlit world. I am one who brings faith in support of your goals and dreams, and the desire to fly above the storms of self-doubt.

 My gift to you is…encouragement and the resourcefulness to stand out, like black against a pale blue sky. My gift to you is self love and self-confidence, and the desire to take flight in order to “sing your song” through your own actions—on the beat of your own wings.

Pulling words and phrases from the “I am one who…” step above, I began to add verses, and as I would re-write, delete and rearrange, the spirit of the card came alive, and new lines were written inspired by the message of the card. I ended up with two poems. And as I looked at my card with the poetry it inspired I found it so interesting what elements I chose to capture. Not only was the initial exercise a helpful reading for me, but my resulting poems brought to light something a little deeper that was tugging at my confidence.

I Am Raven

I am black as night in a world of sun. 

A burnt smear across the cerulean sky.

I am a bad omen, magic, mystery, death.

I have no song, yet my wings whisper the song of souls,

A lonely, deep swoosh. A determined flight.

I am misunderstood.



Raven’s Gift

Look to me when the sky churns with heavy clouds,

as I am not afraid to ride the on the frayed winds of dark storms.

Reach deep into your soul, found within the depths of my black wings

and sing your power song, guttural and ancient.

Feel my wings beat with the blood beat in your heart. 

Awaken with the desire to fly among us, charred and black as night,

the oldest lineage aloft with curiosity, cunning and resourcefulness.


I Am Raven, Raven’s Gift ©Michelle Hedgecock

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8 thoughts on “Poetry Through Soul Collage®: Raven Card

  1. Gillian on said:

    Michelle you are an amazing SoulCollage instructor. I’m not a person who does poetry and yet I did it on that day and……. it was amazing!! Every time I go to one of your workshops I always come out knowing so much more about myself then I did going in. You know about some my issues and you know that I’ve been to traditional therapy and yet I feel that I have exercised some of my demons so much better through SoulCollage. You’re always so understanding and compassionate and insightful and just plain amazing!! I would definitely recommend SoulCollage to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves for any reason. Whether that person be coming in for a specific reason or simply because they’re interested in it. And those people could get no better instructor than you…. you are great!!! This is for sure what you were born to do!!! 😉


    • Gillian, thank you! You inspire me with your willingness to jump in and give things a try, especially with SoulCollage. I love hearing how much it has given voice to your inner wisdom. I was very excited for you to share your poem too, even if perhaps at the time you were stepping outside your comfort zone, you trusted your gifts and were willing to share your beautiful prose! Thank you for that, because that was amazing! Thank you for such kind words and the continuing support and sharing how empowering SoulCollage can be here, and with others, I appreciate every moment, thank you ❤


  2. Laura on said:

    Continually you amaze me…..I agree with Nancy….these words are indeed magical!


  3. The Desert Rocks on said:

    Loved this and tweeted it!


  4. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    Oh Michelle, these are so beautiful…..what inspiration! Your gift with words is magical!


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