Journey of the Soul

I am about 9 months into my Soul Collage® journey. I have been lucky enough to now share this experience with others, through workshops and this blog. And I find it fitting, that after nine months I have “given birth” to my Source card. This is an important card, representing the source of what you believe to be the beginning, your origin. In your Soul Collage® deck, the Source card is one of three trans-personal cards you don’t actually read (including Source, SoulEssence “your spark,” and Witness card), but are the source from which all other cards within your deck draw from while you engage your inner wisdom. It’s usually one of the first cards you make…

I made my Source card early on–or what I thought was my Source card–but every time I placed it, it never felt right. I decided that’s just not it and removed it from Source position and it became “The Journeyer” card in my Committee suit. I made a second Source card and felt pretty good about it. But the more I used it, the more it felt misplaced–and not my true Source card. I removed it from the Source position and it is now a part of my deck, still untitled–but with a lot to say.

Source card

Source card

I went ahead used my deck without a Source card for a while, until just a couple of weeks ago. When suddenly my Source card (and surprisingly the images for my other two SoulEssence/Witness cards!) just presented itself. This time, yes it felt right, but it also felt incredibly natural placed as my Source card. The card(s)  honor my beloved Moon: its energy, symbolism, its role in nature, its heartfelt pull on me throughout my life.

My Witness and SoulEssence cards also have the moon prominent…(as it appears in many of my cards and artwork). Ironically, it was there the whole time, looking at me every night—with me looking back. I’m a moon child for sure  🙂

It was an amazing feeling to create it, and every time I see my Source card now, I FEEL it. I feel my divine feminine roots, my childhood, my inner goddess…my wild woman. I embrace it’s silent strength and comfort, it’s magic and light. I feel the birthing of new ideas, beginnings, experiences. I feel its fullness, its monthly cycle and rhythms connecting me like an umbilical cord to the natural world.

I was excited for this SoulCollage “breakthrough” that has empowered me through this one origin card that will enhance and guide all my other cards so eloquently through imagery alone. And I would like to continue sharing with you my SoulCollage journey through my cards–and hopefully sharing in yours as well! I hope you will enjoy upcoming posts now and again featuring these images that we can each draw on our personal wisdom for the day:)

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