Creative Symbology

Do you find yourself searching for new inspiration? Are you open to those unexpected messages from nature, or lucky coincidence? A falling leaf landing on your path, a found feather, a butterfly eagerly dancing its path around you, a cleansing thunderstorm, or simply the sound of thunder. Each event may hold a symbolic message just for you.

I know I’m not alone in the secret joy I feel when I find a beautiful feather. Found feathers are like little gifts. Secret messages from the dove, hawk, blue jay. Creative spirit taking flight. Other potential interpretations: take yourself a little more lightly, change your perspective (bird’s eye view), soar beyond expectations, is your creative nest full or empty? Delve even deeper by considering the message from the bird from which the feather came. What would a found feather of a particular bird signify to your creative self? Begin there and have fun with this alternative source of inspiration. Jar of feathers image from

The creative part is interpreting its significance in a way that is most helpful to you, moving you forward and igniting your creativity. It will be something that speaks to you and guides you through intuition–your gut knowledge–revealing the answer or inspiration you seek.

Spiders, bee swarms, coyotes, horses, cottontail rabbits, unusual rocks    and natural “portals,” snakes, and feathers are recurring visitors in my life, each one a timely reminder in their unique message for me.  It’s not always the creature or item itself, sometimes its impact will appear in my art,  in something I read, a conversation, a psychic experience, or in a dream.

If you aren’t sure how to interpret potential meanings, you can always “Google” or read up on a specific animal’s  behavior and characteristics, also its animal symbology, totems, and meanings. You’ll even find that natural events carry their own interpretations. But ultimately the best interpretation is yours. For example, I imagine for some people spiders would not bring to mind a positive message, but their symbolic significance is quite valuable to me, and their loudest messages come to me in dreams (or rather bad dreams, scary dreams–to get my attention).

What are your favorite creative symbols/messages from nature?

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One thought on “Creative Symbology

  1. I’m making a list of the animals that have always been in my life.


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