Challenge Goddess

Happy New Year fellow creatives! I have learned this past year that creativity challenges are a welcome blessing to my creative drive. Sometimes I need that extra little push, or a prompt—an excuse(!)—to make something.

This year I enjoyed a few creative firsts. I’ve discovered the empowering process of Soul Collage®, I participated in my first 30-day poetry challenge, which I loved, and for the past couple of months, I’m having a lot of fun keeping up in my first journal page swap. Through each of these new experiences, I continue to learn more about my creative process and what drives me. These challenges have offered new paths to explore, inspiration in unexpected places, and allowed me to test my creative-side, forcing plenty of ideas, good and bad.

She has come to symbolize my inner "challenge goddess."Mixed media (journal page swap).

She has come to symbolize my inner “challenge goddess.”
Mixed media (journal page swap).

So as we welcome the New Year, a year blessed as the beginning of a dynamic creative cycle, the Year of Creativity, I offer you an image of this Goddess. She is the result of my latest journal page swap (theme: Divine Goddess). I hope she inspires you to continue (or begin) challenging yourself through your life and your art as she has come to symbolize for me. To me, she radiates inner strength and experienced wisdom, she looks delicate, with an air of deep battles yet stronger and full of spirit for the journey, and the way she holds herself is wonderfully empowered. She is my challenge goddess, she’s got that “bring it on, world” that I feel many of us can relate to everyday. May her proud spirit encourage you to push yourself and expand your creative presence this 2013!

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Goddess

  1. She is amazing….and I am inspired….I am almost ready to begin my Journal, too! Watch for it!


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