Sometimes My Muse Needs A Muse

During a Land Art workshop/meetup, I tried my hand at balancing a leaf arc.

Hello friends! I apologize, and I thank you for staying with me as I have missed a month of blogging. As I am typing I am realizing how much I have missed this creative outlet, writing in any capacity. I’ve learned just how valuable my self-imposed weekly deadline is a great exercise for my writing as well as staying motivated with other creative opportunities.

So now I feel a bit like I’ve failed myself and my tiny following. Hmmmm, this could be a slippery slope for me, one that dares to undermine my confidence and abilities, and fuel the hunger for “perfection” and following through on goals. Eegads. I should be in a tailspin right about now, whirling around in a uncontrollable free fall of guilt and inadequacy.

We had a blast participating in our first “Color Run” (the “happiest 5K on the planet”), getting doused with color at each kilometer!

It wasn’t for lack of topics or feeling lazy, uninspired, or burnt out. It was wonderfully due to life. I was living it up friends, even got to get away for a long weekend, literally immersing myself in color. I was also enjoying outdoor creativity workshops, group art shows, and events featuring my work. I was celebrating a busy, good month for my creative self! And then I got walloped by the flu.

So life happened and no, I’m not offering it as an excuse so much as an explanation (I know there are plenty of bloggers who do it ALL), because I do feel guilty about failing to write—my inner critic says so. When it comes to certain things, I like consistency. But I also have priorities as those fuel and sustain my creative side too. I’m finding it is all tied in with my creative expression, and missing the opportunity to write on a consistent basis did affect my creative productivity. Like maintaining inspiration.

I’m participating in a journal “single page” swap, this is one of my scrapped ideas for a journal with the theme “patterns.” I do like the pop art edge to it though.

My muse right now is in the busy work, the creative exercises and tasks that keep my mind thinking in color, textures, context, patterns, words, rhythms, experiences, composition. It is works in progress.

That is my take-away, what not writing has taught me this time–that sometimes my muse needs a muse. When you take a break from your creative routine, how does it affect you?

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