Nature’s Muse: A “Smudging” Garden (for creativity)

Photo by M.Hedgecock

I’m always looking for interesting ways to blend nature and creativity. I thought about “smudging” and the many different reasons these herbal bundles are used: spiritual and energy cleansing, ritual preparations, blessings, meditation, psychic protection, etc.  It  only seemed natural to me that their must an herbal combo for enhancing creativity.

I also thought what a great mini-garden this would make, a fresh resource of plants and herbs I could harvest to make my own personal sticks to use and share. After a bit of internet research, I finally came across three plants that were not only specifically mentioned to inspire creativity, but also practical for my region and safe for smudging. Each one can be combined singly or all together with your favorite sage and they are: rosemary, lavender, and rose. What’s not to love about that combination?

After a trip to my favorite desert nursery, I came home with two varieties of lavender (one desert native with a very light fragrance, and another hardy, aromatic species), plus a native white sage–one of the four commonly used medicinal plants North American native groups have used for centuries for smudging. I already have rosemary in my backyard, but I might be adding an extra one to my new garden in the near future. Meanwhile I’m keeping an eye out for any other creativity enhancing plants appropriate for my desert home—and for bundling, as burning some plants can actually be toxic (vs. making a tea–which is something you should definitely check before inhaling the smoke of any plant when smudging, especially while pregnant).

Fresh smudging bundles in drying tray. Photo by M. Hedgecock

My new sage plants are too small right now, but I after a trip to the farmers market, I was able to put together a batch of creativity smudging bundles (smudge sticks) using rosemary, lavender from my new plants, and culinary sage (also fine for this purpose,  and with the same benefits, though less pungent than the white sage). I can’t wait to try them as soon as they dry.

Do you smudge (if at all) for peace, spiritual cleansing, ceremony, inspiration? What kind of “smudging” garden do you or would you like in your garden? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Want to make your own smudge sticks?  I learned by watching this instructional video by charmingpixieflora.

Smudging bundles made with plants said to enhance creativity. Photo by M. Hedgecock











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