Creativity Sit-Spot

Perfect patio for sketching as seen on blog.

Fall is peeking around the corner here in the desert, and my energy is returning and yearning for time spent in my yard. My goal this fall is to create at least one unique sit-spot in my backyard for mental decompression, or as an “action spot” for creative inspiration—as either one leads to the other! If this is something that sounds good to you, read on for some ideas I am pulling from my previous blog, that you might want to consider for your own creative outdoor space.

You might want to think about elements that truly inspire you through color, fragrance, sounds, textures, sight, light, framing, comfort, privacy. For example, I am eager for the return of my hammock space. We’ve planted two citrus trees for their yummy fruit but also for their dreamy fragrance when in bloom—which I look forward to while laying in my hammock! There is a long gray cinder block wall flanking one side of this space, I envision a mural of cool and calming colors like blues, purples, silver, even mirrors! I have an eye out for some new wood pallets in order to create a garden floor as a way to designate a space for the hammock. I also have a metal arch in place to add to the magical invite I hope to eventually create in this special place. Baby steps…

Think of different ways to honor your secret spot and creative spirit. Are you inspired by the moon like me? I’ve thought about ways to create something that comes alive under the light of the moon: night blooming plants, intoxicating scents, or by using white paint for designs that will luminesce under its full strength.

I also love old wood windows, especially suspended frames. I like the idea of an old window frame, suspended or on post(s) in order to frame out a favorite view from your sit-spot. How about a rocky hide-away with a poetry journal stashed in a hidden a crevice? Or lose yourself in an intimate, winding path to a comfy lounge. Keep a can of chalk handy on a designated garden wall or a large boulder for bouts of spontaneous art or journaling. We have a chalk pail in our front yard to pull from anytime inspiration hits to cover cinder blocks with messages or drawings on our privacy wall. I also love glass bottles and you can find many online resources for ideas in creating your own unique bottle garden with glass in different colors, textures, reflections.

Torn between keeping it playful or relaxing, sensationally secretive or accessible and inviting, full of surprises or simple and clean. My dream is to create a sit-spot(s) that I can’t wait to get to because it feels comfortable and inspiring.

What ideas do you have for your special garden sit-spot?


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One thought on “Creativity Sit-Spot

  1. Your garden sounds like it is becoming some place very special…..


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