Good For The Soul

I AM ONE WHO delights in your curiosity and sprinkles your day with your favorite colors and found faces to share. I AM ONE WHO who makes you laugh when you overreact.

The summer left me with a somewhat passive energy toward my work, I was feeling stuck. I wasn’t evolving. But then I found myself charging forward in my creative path, somewhat secretly, the way we Scorpios tend to do. I found something that inspired me (without having to reinvent the wheel—why must I always try to do that?). And I’m very excited about the next few months, including my upcoming training as a SoulCollage® workshop facilitator—the root of all my excitement and evolution.

I’ve felt this ball of “energy” ping-ponging around inside me which I contributed to my excitement in being on the verge of something good for me to do and share. SoulCollage® is fun, can be done by ANYONE (got glue, magazines, scissors?). It is comfortable, supportive, and I love the way it sneaks up on you and empowers you by tapping your intuition and creativity. The beauty of it all for me wanting to share it with you is that my approach to this amazing journey is smack dab in my wheelhouse of combining nature and creativity!

During this process, I have discovered that my intuitive side is mixing in right along with the journey. This seemed odd to me at first, but really it is such a natural fit. I am acting on my gut, following my intuition after ignoring it for a bit—and I swear someone or something out there is breathing this big sigh of relief saying, “jeez, finally, she heard us, okay she’s doing it.”

So here I am. Eagerly sharing a part of my journey with you and this inspiring way to reconnect through artistic, creative play. Simply put, in the words of founder Seena Frost with SoulCollage®, “you create a deck of collaged cards from found images.” You are creating your own deck of personal insight with images significant to you for use as guidance, spiritual connection, meditation, the uses are endless! These are “soul collages” symbolizing each aspect, trait, connection that makes up who you are now and who you want to be.

My journey with these cards and the way I look forward to sharing them with you will be through themes of the desert, the night sky, animals, elements—the natural world. I will help you get started in creating your cards, offer simple exercises for their use, share different ways to read them…again, the uses are endless.

I cannot wait! Check back very soon (or follow this blog/email) for my fall workshop announcement and a chance to create some of your own soul-celebrating cards, along with ideas on how to read them! Now you have a home for all those images you’re drawn to, start saving them, cutting them out.

See you soon, soul sister 😉

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4 thoughts on “Good For The Soul

  1. I did some research on SoulCollage and I am intrigued!


  2. Hi Michelle~SoulCollage® sister, welcome to the SC clan! I too have had some passivitiy in my creativity, it felt very tired over the summer. In June I became a SoulCollage® facilitator and I’m rolling out a few groups this fall. This has reenergized my Scorpio self as well. You will love the training and as you know, the process is magical. Collage on dear Michelle!


    • Hello Susan, thank you! That’s wonderful to hear about your upcoming groups, and thank you for the encouragement 🙂 (Good times for Scorpios getting their creative groove back LOL.) I just followed your blog, great reading.


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