Encouraging Your Inner Poet

For those of you desiring to release your inner poet, I think this quote about poetry is very encouraging and delightful. It first appeared within the comments on a friend’s Facebook  post announcing a 30 Day Facebook Poetry Challenge. With the author’s permission, I am happy to share this thoughtful response to some one who said they are not a poet:

‎Poetry is such a magical way to tell a story or share a feeling or describe a memory. Poetry is personal in nature, it encompasses our entire being. It can rhyme or not. It can make sense only to the author or it could inspire millions. Poetry is free, flowing, honest and true to the heart and soul. I bet you could come up with some awesome poems. ~David Robbins

I couldn’t agree more, and how inspiring in its spirit! Go ahead and treat yourself to a poem, seek out a found poem or black-out poem, or commit to a simple “poem note” today, written by you.

Black-out poem (a form of found poetry).

Behold the piles of words around you and let them speak through you. For ideas and inspiration on tapping your inner poet, check out these past posts. Please share your poem(s) in the comments if you wish.

Untitled haiku

Books all around me.

Frayed spines, shifting, calm. Waiting.

Perched like heavy birds.

Images and poem by M. Hedgecock

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4 thoughts on “Encouraging Your Inner Poet

  1. Your poems are truly an inspiration….I tend toward the darkside and often people just don’t understand the poem, they only focus on what could possibly make me write it.
    Love the Haiku!


    • Thank you Pownkie (Laura)! I love your dark poems, but I am not distracted by “where it came from” because I know you. I agree, I think we try to figure out too much how the poem fits the author instead of putting more thought into how she/he managed to convey such a deep emotion expressed through words alone.


  2. Anne Westlund on said:

    I love your Haiku! And your blackout poem too. Do you know about the Muse Online Writers Conference? Me and my poetry critique group are teaching a class on poetry (forms and other stuff) this year. It’s from Oct 8 -12th and is free! I don’t think registration is open yet, but here is the link to the site: http://themuseonlinewritersconference.com/joom/


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