Workshop Inspirations

I love taking workshops for the art play, the new techniques you learn, and the camaradarie of spending time with fellow creatives. Plus, you leave with a piece of art work that magically brought you to a different level of creative growth.

Some of my favorite workshops I’ve attended (like these two: Junk Drawer Metalsmithing & Prayer Flags), were those that manifested into an inspiring experience led by encouraging, confident teachers who were generous with their tips and techniques and celebrated each participant’s unique interpretation of the artistic process they (the instructor-artist) came to share with us. That creative flexibility or freedom, along with “adventurous” participants, spontaneous moments of creative discovery, and of course, beautiful natural settings are workshop elements that guide me and my desire to create the same or similar creative environment in my own ongoing workshops.

Though not in the mountains, under the spell of the intoxicating vanilla scent of Jeffrey pines—like the two workshops mentioned above—I did enjoy a found object assemblage workshop recently, a little closer to home. It was an opportunity to learn new techniques I was interested in, and a chance to spend the day creating art with my mom.

With a little epoxy clay, Mod Podge glue/medium, white acrylic, a heat gun, and a fluid acrylic painting technique requiring a lot of patience, we transformed our thrift store and found object finds into some pretty amazing pieces, IMHO. Below are images from the day—I intended to have more photos showing the process to share with you, but I got so into assembling the piece, I forgot to take a picture of the collected items we used! Also, we brought our incomplete works home and finished painting them a day or two later.

I am curious, what do you enjoy most about participating in art workshops?  Let us know in this 1-question poll  🙂

My mom’s beautiful piece, I especially love the movement of the springs!

Assembly and first layers; found objects include: toy Transformer figurine, ceramic hummingbird, toy bugs & people, crocheted doily fragment, locket, jewelry pieces, and more.

Fully assembled with white acrylic base layer as primer.

I used epoxy clay sculpted over my warrior’s movable joints (arms, legs, waist) to freeze into position. I textured the clay with a nail tip (quickly before hardening) which resulted in what I thought was a neat organic feel to this hybrid warrior.

These tiny figurines were provided by the instructor (artist Richard Freund, I think they really make this piece.

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4 thoughts on “Workshop Inspirations

  1. What is IMHO?


  2. Love the warrior!
    As for what I like best about workshops, it would be learning a new technique and being exposed to other artists…but mainly, it’s about getting time to just create!


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