Photo Play

Do you allow your self time to create? You’ve heard of play dates, why not schedule creativity play dates for your self to maintain important creative time. Here’s one way you can incorporate your creative spirit into a daily activity that will keep your artistic ideas flowing for new and current projects. Recently, my son let me in on the play with some plastic, toy Indians for a fun photo session. With just my cell phone camera, I willingly captured the scenarios he carefully arranged until he decided to line them all up for me to click away while he got ready for bed.

After story time and goodnight kisses, I was eager to upload the pictures to my computer for part two of my creative play time. I experimented with two of the photos using a little digital editing and the “Paint” program already on my computer. One is an inversion of colors at the click of a button (“invert colors”), the other I digitally colored for a pop art feel.


“My Spirit Tribe” Digitally altered photograph. ©Michelle Hedgecock


“Tonight We Dance!” Digitally altered photograph. ©Michelle Hedgecock

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and now I love playing around with the images, between different effects, exposures, stretching, skewing, cropping and more you can create a great variety of feeling from just one photograph. Most techniques I discover by accident or just plain curiosity (how would this feature look if I piggybacked it on this one?). It’s fun to combine or piggyback techniques for unexpected and unique results. Simply experimenting with cropping or black and white (vs. color) alone will impact your photo, giving it a whole new feel.

If you are looking to add some original art to your walls, digitally altered photos are a fantastic way to experiment. There are some great (free) photo manipulation programs to be found online too. Picnik was one of my favorites, but they have now been integrated into Google+ Creative Kit, so if you have a Google account, be sure to check out what you can do with your photos. TiltshiftMaker, BeFunky, Big Huge Labs and a few kaleidoscope programs are other online sites to try—and certainly not the only ones. Today, you can even find apps for your phone for some on-the-fly photo play, contributing to some very  interesting effects for your photos. Be sure to experiment with programs already on your computer too.

You can start by bringing along your cell phone camera and capturing an impromptu play date with your little one(s) or your pet. Go ahead, play around with your creativity. While you’re at it, schedule a photo-play date with fellow photographers!


My incredibly photographic little Oaklie during our secret “play date.” ©Michelle Hedgecock

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3 thoughts on “Photo Play

  1. I love the creativity of your photos…..especially the use of the color tilts….very cool.


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