Just Say It, People

I found inspiration today in a place I don’t usually find it. I am so tired of this ridiculous vagina phobia monopolizing an already controversial debate. While reading an article about the lawyer banned from the House for using the word “vagina,” I was flash-inspired by a comment in the article about a placard passed out by the American Civil Liberties Union which read, “Vagina. Can’t say it? Don’t legislate it.” I love the quote and was immediately inspired to create the graphic below.

I hadn’t given much thought to my vagina as a source of actual creative inspiration for myself, but it certainly evoked a heartfelt creative release that felt great.

No matter what your political beliefs, no one will know unless you stand up for what you believe is right, why not create art to get people to hear your voice and see what is important to you.

You can find my original Wordle here.

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2 thoughts on “Just Say It, People

  1. Wow….well done! I shall repost this important piece of art!


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