Crochet Bombs

This past weekend I saw my first crochet bombs (aka yarn bombing) while visiting one of our favorite recycled supply stores, the Long Beach Depot For Creative ReUse. I had just stepped out of the car and noticed the parking meter had been bombed! Looking around I realized the whole block had been bombed! I loved the unexpected surprise (as did both my 5-year old son and my mom).

It was great to see street art expressed in such a colorful and whimsical way. It made us stop and look, giving us new perspective on something you see every day, and it offered some unexpected discovery! It also got us talking with the artists, the crochet bombers, who were there to create art and bring awareness to gay/lesbian/transgender rights.

For me, their intention through their yarn displays gave a colorful voice to issues of equality. Certainly on more than one level, the crochet bombs symbolized a new perspective awaiting discovery in our daily lives, creatively and socially.

We left inspired.

What a great way to inspire others about your cause! Check out these amazing yarn bombs and guerilla crochet


Bike rack crochet bomb. Artists in background, one wearing mask in vow of silence for gay, lesbian, transgender rights.










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2 thoughts on “Crochet Bombs

  1. It was a great surprise! I wish I had gotten their names…


  2. These were so unexpected and delightful! A bit of whimsy in a downtown atmosphere! Fabulous!


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