Name That Muse

There are times when some thing or thought takes complete hold of my creative self and flows freely from my fingertips. It’s a bit obsessive-like, the muse literally courses through my veins until I let it out in a way it deems necessary. I may try writing it out, but if it’s not meant to become a poem or story, it will stick around in my head, vague, unfinished, and nagging until I fulfill it’s creative destiny–where it subsequently manifests into a message for me, for that moment. It is only after I finish that my once vague muse reveals itself in a repetative theme of personal insight.

Looking at these pastels I made recently, it became pretty clear what inspired me. The funny thing is, for me anyway, it was not necessarily the obvious inspirations so much as the insight I found layered within the resulting pictures.

In these moments my muse becomes a vehicle for a concept, and I wonder if my art communicates a similar experience for others who view my art. What do they see? How much do they see? Is it taken literally by some and become symbolic of something more for others? How are my message-muses being felt or interpreted through the eyes of those on their own path, if at all? What muse do they relate to in these images and where does it take them?


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9 thoughts on “Name That Muse

  1. ohgoddess on said:

    Dammit I left a long comment and it didn’t take. Sigh.


  2. ohgoddess on said:

    These say to me “moondreams” – like daydreams but at night under a full, sweet moon. The mind wanders and swirls, grounded in the Mother while it floats in the stars and clouds. How lovely!


  3. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    lovin’ the rich color……looks like an Idy sky!!!!


  4. Beautiful pastels….I think you need to go CAMPING!


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