Nature’s Palette: Scorpion Blue

Those of you who followed my previous blog will remember the Nature’s Palette posts. I am definitely continuing that series as a fun source of inspiration, color prompts from nature herself. Every couple of weeks or so I will post a nature inspired palette to add to your color play toolbox.

In today’s nature palette, an animal that usually evokes fear or disgust from most actually provides a beautiful, blue-hued palette. As a fan of the often misunderstood scorpion, I loved the calm, serene palette that emerged from this illuminated creature.

Use some or all of these colors to create something inspired by this bluesy scheme. Please feel free to share your work inspired by these posted nature palettes!

New moon, midnight blue

Mystery glow reveals you

Ancient survivor



Upload your favorite nature photo for a palette designed by Mother Nature herself…At the site Big Huge Labs, you can upload your favorite photo and run it through their online Color Palette Generator to auto-create a palette. It’s a great tool for artists, designers, and do-it-yourselfers to play around with for color inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

Photo: Michelle Hedgecock

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2 thoughts on “Nature’s Palette: Scorpion Blue

  1. Thank you! That photo is from a scorpion hunt–which is what inspired the haiku 🙂


  2. I love the colors and especially the Haiku!


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