Creativity Secrets From Nature

I love this doube heart rock my mom brought back from a trip up the northern Californian coast. I am always looking for hearts in nature, along with other common shapes; faces too, and letters. They are little serendipitus gifts from Nature that seem like offerings to connect to my little world when I am always seeking to connect to hers.
Whether it’s the search or the actual finds that delight, it is always a treat to make these discoveries of the “familiar” in a sometimes less than familiar environment. I believe these discoveries are a secret connection with something special (“just for you”), one of those magical ways in which Nature can appear as a most unexpected muse or comfort.
The next time you are creatively blocked, stop struggling to find your muse within and instead, go out(side). This is what I do. I go outdoors and take that same time I would’ve lost spent in frustration and I look for my secret “gift” while working in my yard (something I like doing). Yours may be waiting for you at night or during the day, in the rain, on a beach, or on an ancient trail. It may come in the form of a unique rock, a coyote’s howl, an owl in flight, a raindrop on your ear, or possibly a found feather. Mine often comes through lizards and birds, and weather like rain or wind.
You’ll know it when you experience it. Once you find it, carry it through somehow into your next creative project as a thank you to Nature.
Heart rock image: ©Michelle Hedgecock
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